Fourth-generation Yiwu market

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Time: 2013-03-31

Fourth-generation Yiwu market

Yiwu market in 1990, the fourth generation of organized, start construction in 1991, January 17, 1992 through the date of acceptance, booth 7,100 can be arranged. January 26 to 28, the fourth generation of Yiwu market stalls total of 13,910 new and old by lot, notary be allocated. February 13, Yiwu market, the fourth generation of the soft opening. March 2, SAIC held a press conference in Beijing's Great Hall, first published list of the top ten markets, Yiwu Small Commodity Market tops the list. August 3, Yiwu Small Commodity Market tops the list. December 17, 1993, China Commodity City Co., Ltd. (formerly City Group) was founded. June 4, 1994, China Commodity City market, the fourth generation of China Commodity City The date of acceptance by the second phase, 23 to 26 June, 14,673 new and old Commodities City stalls have been adjusted. July 8, Phase II trial business market. Thus Commodity City construction area expanded to 228,000 square meters, the number increased to 23,000 stalls.
It was opened in 1992, the fourth generation of small commodities in Yiwu market profile photo. In the same year, Yiwu Small Commodity Market was renamed as "China Commodity City, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province." In 1994, the Yiwu Small Commodity market turnover exceeded 100 billion yuan.

China Commodity City market, the construction of the fourth generation to take the fund-raising construction market approaches, including a 7,710 fund-raising 15.42 million yuan market, two market 5989 raised 11,978 million yuan. In 1992, China Commodity City turnover of 2.054 billion yuan in 1993, 4,515 billion yuan in 1994, soared to 10.21 billion yuan. 1995 reached 15.2 billion

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