Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair
Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair

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Hardware & Electrical Appliances Trade Fair

Exhibition Scale:

Exhibition Area: 5,0000 square meters

International Standard Booth: 1300
Professional buyers: 45,000
Overseas buyers: 8,000 people (from more than 120 countries and regions)
Scope of Exhibits:
Hardware & Tools: Hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, universal accessories, Auto tool, gauge and other measuring instruments
Architectural Hardware categories: architectural hardware, decoration hardware, plumbing equipment, doors, windows and accessories, standard fasteners, etc.
Gift Hardware categories: Smoking gifts, metal handicrafts, decorative hardware, decorative pendants, etc.
Daily Hardware category: Hardware utensils, stainless steel products, knives, scissors, razor blades, measuring measuring instrument, etc.
Kitchen Hotel supplies: kitchen supplies, sanitary ware, hotel supplies, etc.
Hardware Leisure Products: Scooter, safety supplies, outdoor leisure products, office equipment, etc. Supplies
Mechanical Equipment: Small machinery, woodworking machinery, garden machinery, cleaning machinery, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, spraying equipment, metal processing, machinery, assembly machinery, air compressors, generators, mechanical and electrical products, sewing with ironing equipment, etc.
Electrical products: large household appliances, small appliances, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, communications equipment, photographic equipment, lighting lamps, plug sockets, etc.
Electronic products: clocks, instruments and meters, digital products, telecommunication products, etc.
Electrical Electrician: Electrical products, electrical electrical material, instrumentation, etc.
Accessories equipment: electronic components, electrical accessories, computer accessories, etc.
1,3 m * 3 m international standard booths
Brand Pavilion (Hall 2): 6000 yuan / month
Hardware Electrical Appliance Zone (1,3 Hall): 5,200 yuan / month
Hardware Electrical Appliance Zone (Hall 7): 4200 RMB / month
2, Indoor Raw Space (min. 36 square meters, does not provide any exhibition a)
Brand Pavilion (Hall 2): 600 yuan / square meter
Hardware Electrical Appliance Zone (1,3-Hall Hall): 500 yuan / square meter
Hardware Electrical Appliance Zone (Hall 7, Hall): 450 yuan / square meter
Note: (1), double-bit surcharge to carry out 800 Yuan / month (including the light, the standard booth)
(2), standard booth including: Enterprise fascia board, one table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one 220V outlet
(3), color business card-style Catalog Advertising: 500 yuan / family
(4), the online expo silver membership and e-journal Recommended Enterprises: 200 yuan / family
(5), Booth price conditions: A. National well-known trademarks, Chinese brand names, product exemption discount 30%; B. Provincial and municipal well-known trademarks, brand names discount 10%; C, municipal well-known trademarks discount 5%. D, for more than six booths (including 6) special equipment business, booth fee discount 10%.
3, journal advertising and exhibition

Directory Advertising
Bulletin for the generous 32 Folio, imported refined copper color printing paper, the main distribution to relevant government agencies, foreign trade companies, professional market, industry associations, consulates, embassies, star-rated hotels hotels, tour operators and related industry users.

Ad category descriptions offer ad placement
Back Cover image advertising 20000
Cover image advertising
Image Ads
Special 1 15000
Image Ads
Inside Back Cover 10000
To do a pre-10
Special one-page 6000
The top ten pages do two pages
Special two-page 5000
Products or image ads
Color inside page 3000
Products or the image of a half-page color ad inside 2500

Exhibition advertising
6000 yuan / 20000
2,800 yuan / extension
E-journal back cover
10,000 yuan / 10000

Purchasing Card
15,000 yuan / 30000
Gallery Direct site
4,000 yuan / extension
5,000 / 3m * 6m