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Yiwu Geography

Yiwu is located in the east of the Jinhua-Quzhou Basin and the geographical center of Zhejiang Province, 119 degrees 49'to 120 degrees 17'east longitude and 29 degrees 02'13"to 29 degrees 33'40" north latitude. Yiwu adjoins Dongyang in the east, Yongkang and Wuyi in the south, Jinhua and Lanxi in the west, and Zhuji and Pujiang in the north, more than a hundred kilometers away from Hangzhou , the capital city of Zhejiang Province. The City is embraced by the mountains in the south, the east and the north, with a distance from the south to the north of 58.15km and from the east to the west of 44.41km.

The landforms and the soil types of the city are varied, including medium and low mountains, hills, hillocks and plains, and the city is rich in its sunlight and heat resources.

Yiwu is situated in the subtropical monsoon climate area with a warm and moist climate and a clear seasonal distinction. The average annual temperature is around 17℃, with the highest being 29.3℃ in July and the lowest 4.2℃ in January. The annual frost-free period averages about 243 days and the annual rainfall between 1100 to 1600 millimeters.