About Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
About Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

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About Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

All the elements of a successful trade show fit together like a jigsaw to make the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair one of the most outstanding in the world. Good timing, perfect location and professional organisation are just some of the factors which make it the largest in Asia and second in the world.

Its global drawing power is seen by the presence of 2,003 exhibitors in 2008, who came from 36 countries & regions. Group pavilions hosted exhibitors from the Chinese mainland, Germany, Italy, Korea, Pakistan, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand.

A place for everything

Keep your toys tidy is a maxim we all remember. At the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2009, all the toys are in the right zones for buyers to find them easily. Over the years the fair has evolved with the industry to create product zones according to market demand. In 2009 these zones are: Baby Toys & Products, Candy Toys, Hobby Goods, Magic Items, Outdoor & Sporting Items and Paper Products & Toy Packaging.

Quality, safe products

The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is known for the quality of its exhibitors and exhibits. It takes up this market position in response to buyers' expressed priorities, which place a higher importance on good quality, safe products than cheap prices