kitchen scale, electronic scales kitchen scales kitchen says, glass kitchen scale 5 KG / 1 G
kitchen scale, electronic scales kitchen scales kitchen says, glass kitchen scale 5 KG / 1 G

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Name. Kitchen scale, electronic scales kitchen scales , batching scale, baking scale 5 KG / 1 G
Item.No. WH-B05

Name. kitchen scale, electronic scales kitchen scales kitchen says, glass kitchen scale 5 KG / 1 G

Numbers. TS-723 A

A detailed description:

Range. 5 KG / 1 G DuoZhong specification meet your needs more!!!!!

Weighed material surface size. 16.5 x 12.7 cm tray size. 11 cm small fine appearance

Have the function of skin, to reset, automatic shutdown, saving energy saving

A, product introduction

Equipped with high precision tension determine instrument sensor system, weighing precisely, the error in one over one thousand

LCD monitor

The skin of the function, the automatic shutdown function

Unit choose (g/oz/kg)

Overload/low voltage battery hints

Power. 1.5 v x 2 AA dry cell (give)

Second, function explains:

1, "ON/OFF" switch machine, the key to boot, show "ON 8888 after" appear "0.0", and click ON for shutdown

2, "MODE" as the unit conversion button, can convert "g" "oz" "1 b" "tl"

3, "TARE" button for to TARE function keys, if the scales for weighing items, please click this button to display "0.0", can be weighted down a items

4, "LIGHT" for the blue backlight adjustment key, when using, click this button, blue backlighting the lamp, again to be closed

Third, pay attention to the matters:

1 and when weighing scales of smooth, must ensure that will avoid larger vibration

2, please don't in the big strong radio waves and magnetic field inside and use, so as not to affect the accuracy

3, should as far as possible to avoid the larger impact and vibration, lest cause damage

4, please don't wash water directly

Five, if is not used for a long period, please take out the battery electronic scale

Key features:

1, ON/OFF a key

2, MODE unit select key, commonly used is g (g).

3, TARE to skin key. For example, use the vessels weighing thing, can use the skin of the key. first the vessels, press down on says skin keys, zero; Again to vessel into items, electronic scales is directly display the weight of the goods.

Product features:

Import components assembly, the quality is stable and reliable.

1. With high tension determine instrument sensor system, weighing precision, the error rates in one over one thousand;

2. It has automatic zero/shut down automatically (province electricity function);

3. Has overload/low voltage battery prompt functions;

4. Unique design, reading before strong pattern more convenient, especially large parcels respond stuff!!!!!

This machine to zero/to skin function is very practical, turned on the power, before the measure, then open on says power source, it will automatically to skin to zero.

The operating instructions:

Will says placed in the smooth surface

1, first by "on/off" button (boot key), to be screen display 0.0;

2, will put a thing to put in the tray surface (in the middle), as far as possible in the bottom left corner of the screen, which is number the weight;

Three, use MODE key change the measuring unit, g/oz;

4, according to the TARE to insist to zero.

Friendship remind:

1. Don't say when not in use, in order to avoid placing objects on a battery consumption and unable to work.

2. The items as far as possible when weighing in the middle, improve accuracy.

3. Can't force slams says body.

4. Do not put in the place to use have w. p. a., can't wash with water.